The History and origin of the Jacuzzi Tub

The Jacuzzi Family are very famous for there inventions and patents on their inventions. The family ultimately created the Spa bath as they had a problem and the only solution was to either make something to fix it or be inconvenienced by travelling extensive miles. They then seen the advantages of this and marketed it very well to create and evolve into the Spa bath that we have today.

Her is a brief history of the family and the timelines to which the jacuzzi bath was formed.


1900`s- The Family - Giovanni and Teresa Jacuzzi emigrated to California from Northern Italy. They had 13 Children when the moved because of political reasons, and he didn’t want to lose any children in war.


1915 - Jacuzzi Company was founded by Giocondo Jacuzzi and Candido Jacuzzi (The youngest of the brothers)

Rachele who was the eldest of the Brothers, was a mechanic working close to the 1915 panama - pacific world fair it is here were he thought he could redesign the propeller. The company was formed, making propellers for the military these propellers were known as the Jacuzzi Toothpick they were made for use in ww1. The company was based in Berkeley, California.

7 of the brothers living in Berkeley tried building a single seated monoplane and a seven seated cabin monoplane Jacuzzi J-7 after the war. The plane made several journeys to prove it was working and capable, just as it was about to get signed by U.S. Mail it failed on a test flight were it was sent into a tail spin killing all 4 passengers.


1921 - Giocondo Jacuzzi (aged 26) died in a plane crash along with two of his employees in Modesto.


1925 - Rachele developed a pump that uses water to move water. His father created the pump to ease their son's pain.

1937 - Rachele died of a heart attack while a father's invention was written to ease a son's pain before Candido took over the family business.


1949 - Kenneth 4th son of Candido Jacuzzi was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and doctors recommended hydrotherapy, the only places available where in hospital and communal spas. Canidido designed and Invented a submersible pumps for use in the bath. The J-300 Pump which could be submerged Into the bath tub to provide hydrotherapy treatments. The family had 50 patents being held.


1956- 1964 Jacuzzi was on Queen for the Day a daytime TV show on NBC and then on ABC which could reach 20 million people during one show.

Factories were opened in Brazil Canada Chile and Italy United States .


1968 - Jacuzzi created the first hydrotherapy bath (whirlpool bath) with integrated jets. Roy Jacuzzi a third Generation family member who had worked in the company since he was a teenager helped create and market the new ROMAN hydrotherapy bath with integrated jets.


1970 - the Jacuzzi Bath tub was launched which accommodates groups of people and families before he outdoor version know as the hot tub was launched


1986 - Candido died aged 83


2006 -  Jacuzzi went public and is no longer owned by the Jacuzzi family


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