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Welcome to the Forthill Home Blog, every few days / weeks we plan to produce interested and intriguing blog content.  From interesting facts about Roman baths and spas to how smells and fragrances can affect you mood and wellbeing.

We have all been there looking for the information and advice from others who have been in the same situations and problems, here we try to look into and go deeper...  And Just get by..... 
create your own scent

I love the new scents that you can layer and create your own unique scent that is you. The Jo Malone range and Chanel is just designed for that reason, You would normally start with the heaviest scent and the layer a softer scent on top.  You can have two or more, but we don't want to be too overpowering there always that one person you can smell through you mask and its overpowering. 

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Wearing perfume can make you feel more confident, warm in winter and fresh in the summer. And although it is invisible it does leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and love ones.  There is no right and wrong way to layer scent it is a personal journey and one that you can go and seek professional help or one that you can explore yourself. 

We have all been there.. In lock down the say 3 weeks but we all know its more likely to be months.  And as we all go back to Au' Natural this is not were I want to be my nails are thing break at the sight of dishes.  I have tried many different types at home form paints, acrylics, gels, and gels with tips.  There are a few i havent tried yet but as a self taught amiture just looking to make herself look presentable at the supermarket I think that's plenty. 

mastering the at-home manicure

In lock down my beauty appointments have all been cancelled saving me a fortune but my nails are getting tatty and ill shaped.  I have tried many different styles and ways of doing my nails at home. 

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Origins of Soap

Soap is a wonderful product and has been made in kitchens for a very long time it has kept us clean smelling great for centuries.  It is used in a lot of products from dishes, skin care, cloths care and keeping illnesses away.  This wonderful product is a fundamental part of the way we live.

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In our modern world, soap is a fundamental part of the way we live. We use soap many times during the day to clean our hands, clean our house, and for many other things. Soap has been one of the primary reasons that we have been able to drastically improve how long we live and how healthy our lives are. Just imagine a life without soap. Think about how much worse our hygiene would be and how many bacteria would build up everywhere. In this article, we will go in-depth with the origins of soap – when and how this crucial part of human health and hygiene was invented.


As i was looking into updating our family bathroom the bathroom industry has moved forward in  many different technologies and in different directions through the years as we were planning the bathroom I got way laid down the rabbit hole as to why were and how, all these different products came to be who invented them and were are we now, within the industry. 

Whirlpool Bath
Your Home Spa

When changing your bathroom we all want that retreat, that place to shut the door and relax give ourselves space to reflect and relax, and why not do that in style. 

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know your business

The Beauty and home industry is so large and there are a lot of different opinions and experiences with a lot of products and new products coming out daily all screaming to attract your attention and you just want the one that works for you. 

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The home industry is so large with everyone trying to turn out there best version of them selves and well personally falling in every way, and do not have the financial backing to keep up with the ever changing market that is going to keep you younger smaller, perfect in every way possible.  Or keep your house tidier, cleaning, fresher is there a better way well I do my best to find it and I am sure there are People who have everything together but I don't and its hard when you hate house work .  But a Spa Day is a yes day.

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about me
Jessica Isabella

This is my attempt at a blog I have always been interested in beauty but never had anyone show me how.  My style is not like everyone else's, I don't want to be the same but be me.  I love the classic never getting old I can wear my cloths more than once even years.  I like to buy once and not have to buy after a few washes.  my home decoration would be the same plain simple practical but stylish, but I don't keep up with the Jones's I pick a style and its there for a few years sometimes 10 hence all the research and back stories.  

As I grow and expand the blog I think this welcome note will change and evolve as I grow. Just looking back on last year from thinking this blog up to actually putting into practice has taken me to now and hopefully come next year I will have set up a schedule and kept to my New Years resolutions and will have a nice little blog and community.  At the minute I am still finding my direction and interest but I am so dizy with excitement its hard for me to nail down a direction.  

Until I find my way Hello and Welcome....

Jessica Isabella

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