Bathroom and make your room look bigger?

There are many ways to decorate a small bathroom and size really does matter, by oversizing and a few storage tricks you can make your bathroom effective in style and functional. whether it is a closet under the stairs an attic room, or ensuite.

1) Maximise Floor Space - this trick is used quiet a lot in rooms to make the room seem bigger but in a bathroom we can achieve this by using a wall hung toilet that is mounted onto a concealed frame inside the stud wall. A wall hung vanity unit is a vanity unit which is mounted on the wall or freestanding unit on legs. You can visually see more of the floor, and therefore giving the perception of greater space not that you are gaining extra room. Looking at the two computer generated images of the same room using two different toilets helps us to visualise this.

Images from better bathroom & furniture 123

2) Lighting - Natural light can always make a small space seem bigger, Light reflects of light coloured walls and glossy interiors brightening all the areas of the room. Darker colours tend to absorb the light giving the impression of a smaller space. If natural light is not possible we can manipulate light fixings to make the room seem larger by using directional downlights evenly lighting the space, this can also be achieved with using a strip light around the room. Task lighting can draw your eye to that particular area as well as being a practical space to apply make up and brush your teeth.

Interior designers are using darker colours in bathrooms to create a vocal point of interest in the room but lighting will also be a big part in there design, so the darker contrasts becomes a feature and not make the room seem smaller and claustrophobic. Extra task lighting can come from led lights in or behind mirrors as well as wall lights.

For further information on lighting and electrics in the bathroom please see:

3) Mirrors - Any type of mirror reflects light even more than glossy surfaces and light coloured paint, so just as above it lets more light bounce around the room creating the illusion of greater space. When really its just there is no dark corners therefore making the space feel larger.

Mirrors can be great vocal points but also storage space, some mirror can be bought as bathroom cabinets to hang on the wall or created with hidden shelving in behind it.