Attic conversion

We live in a chalet bungalow with an attic to the sides of the bedrooms. Of the two bedrooms are two attic spaces used for storage, One of these attics that’s linked to one of our bedrooms was insulated but not plastered out. The insulation used was thick kingsman board about 120mm cut and placed in between each rafter, there was then an air tight membrane wrapped around the room for better air tightness and heat retention. It was left that way by the builders, there was a small radiator to stop the temperature differences and as it didn’t have any external ventilation to kept it dry. We had thrown down a carpet as my husband used it for an office and I used it for my wedding dress, boxes of sewing projects, hidden presents etc was a great dumping ground for stuff that you would have used and not fancied going into the cold attic in winter or sauna attic in summer.

The problems - the upstairs bedrooms although big in floor space don’t have the height and can make the room feel small. There are spaces for drawers and hanging space but my husband claimed it for his 20 year old tall boy. And one ikea bed and a double set of drawers and that is not much room for anything else. Never mind a wardrobe for me ...... I had a rickety temporary wardrobe from Argos didn’t cost much but done the job for a while not really a joy to use or look at. It was in the attic for 10 years, that’s how long it took me to decide enough was enough and I needed a space for me. I was feed. Of hearing the someday well do it......

Previously (Spring 2019) we acquired a wooden floor from a house were the floor was bowing, and had to be lifted and replaced. Not all the floor was damaged so we kept the good floor boards and set the bad boards to one side. The flooring stayed in the trailer until we figured out what to do with it. We used some for our boot stand and started a box for parcels (still not finished) for the postman but we realised that it was very hard to cut and went though the saw blades very quickly, so wasn’t very practical for my little DIY garden jobs around the house, with out the use of the saws which I wasn’t comfortable using with out my husband. With him working and normally to tired for my tie projects it would of been like flogging a dead horse.

The clear out - most thing got thrown out, placed somewhere else in the house to be sorted another day sold and given away it took one weekend. The carpet was lifted and thrown into the cold hot attic thinking I may use it again (out of site out of mind). My dressing room was a shell. Now to sell this idea to Hubby. In hand my iPad with my pininterest ideas. It doesn’t go well... ahh but he does help get the plumber to move the radiator a plaster in to do the walls and a electrician for the lights.

Work has stalled weekend go past the house has my stuff everywear my hair ad makeup is in a dull hall way, my cloths are in the spare bedroom. Getting hubby motivated is hard.

Someday has arrived ...... Husband was at work so he couldn’t give me another excuse as to why I cant start this project which was a big one for not very good DIYers.

I lay the black underlay-which we got from eBay to reduce noise and for insulation. And started to place the wooden floor down I done a third of the floor between naps and entertaining the children, but once I started I knew help would arrive shortly. That weekend we finished the floor with my hubby, however we ran out of wood half way down. So we both sat over a cuppa and through ideas across the table lots of googling and pining. I was thinking split the room with carpet you see it done very nicely in shops and restaurants to split large funcion rooms. After measuring the space we hen discovered we could get a very large rug to go exactly in that place so we finished the wooden floor putting down some below the window to make the floor seemsymmetrical and on purpose and not that we had ran out of planks.