When Choosing a Spa system for your bathroom, there are a few details you may want to check before installing

Bubbles and Jets

When Choosing a Spa system for your bathroom, there are a few details you may want to check before installing:

Your Needs Checklist

  • Size
  • Depth of bath
  • Electricity available/accessible
  • Bubbles – Air Jets
  • Jets – water Jets
  • An underwater light
  • Safety – is there a way to stop young children using it without your knowledge

The efficiency and Noise of the pumps

As you are looking at the baths you might want to consider the size of the bath you choose.  And you water pressure may be very low, so as you are filling up your two person bath or very large bath could take hours to fill by which time the notion or novelty has passed and the wine bottle is finished before you get in.  The Pumps can be loud or that’s how it seems when the house is dead quiet you have put on you spa music and the pump is set on the wooden floor our tiles boy does it vibrate.  Setting it on carpet tiles does help. The Pumps are quiet and there is a hummm that does come from them but most of the noise is the water itself bubbling away.

Safety Features

Safety is very important to me and my family.  The things we choose to concentrate on was can the under two get access to the power and have a bubble party in the bathroom were I didn’t get the invite to the party, but the clean up.  We had an isolation switch added outside the bathroom, it will be good when the kids get older and I can cut the power to get them out….

We Got the Electrician to fit all the Electrical elements of the whirlpool system and had an elcb which was added to the whole system.

Safety Suction – this is the water inlet area to suck the water into the pump as part of the water circulation to fire the water out of the jets, but you got to be careful to have a proper safety suction system this stops your hair etc from being sucked into the system and then causing damage to the pump.

The Bath Layout

Some baths are double ended so two people can fit in I suppose you could put the Jets in a position which would be good for two – but when I was thinking of where to position the jets I just went with the manufactures standard 12 jet system, we (my family) are all different height and I wasn’t sharing my bath with anybody.  The Jets all move so you can direct them to where you want or need them. However they are so powerful I can’t use them for the elected pre-set time of the bath.   The Bubbles are amazing except when you first turn it on you get a little shot of cold air through your hot bath, so I now turn it on before I get in for a few seconds.   Many manufacturers offer a air pump that is slightly heated to offset against this cold air at the start but for the extra £75 we decided to use the standard system.

The Bath Depth – As my bath is a corner bath it is very deep but I did read a review of the bath being too shallow for the owner I would be very disappointed if this was the case for us.  So possibly take into account the Internal depth of the bath and were you like you water level.  When the Bubbles (airjets) are going there is a little splashing and lots of water vapour in the air, which is not a problem for us as we have the window for extra ventilation but if you leave en-suite door open it does migrate into the bedroom.

The underwater Light is cool, the kids love it.  Except when it changes red not a good colour for the bathroom but we can’t control it, and it not enough to stop the kids from using it.


The Almighty question nearly every house wife has –  How long or hard is it to clean.

Some people have said they get mould in there pipes and it turns them so much they don’t like the thought of the bath.  You can get sanitising tablets that are designed to kill all germs in the bath and have a smell of bleach, we use one after every bath session, you simply get out of the bath and pop it into the dirty water you just got out of. Then every 3-4 sessions I use the Whirlpool Bath cleaner fluid this will then help to remove scum marks and also kill the germs too.

However I haven’t experienced this before I don’t use any other bubbles except for salt and bath additives for a whirlpool bath.  We also clean it with whirlpool sterilizing tablets that can be bought online and you run it through the system. I clean mine regularly by adding cold water and running the system. The pipes should be designed to drain down, so that no water lies in the pipes which drain out which prevents the mould and scum building, some brands have antibacterial pipes which are made with  silver to help stop the problems.

I would also recommend good ventilation in the bathroom as water spores in the air can cause condensation to form on the walls and tiles, we have to open a window as the we fan isn’t powerful enough.

Back To Cleaning – there are these wee rubbers that you can get and they work like magic at getting those scuff marks or scratches out of the acrylic.  I thought I was going crazy seeing little red and orange marks all over the bath and no matter how much I wiped and rubbed wouldn’t come off.  Until I found these bad boys, my bath is like new again.